BJP leader is apprehended.

BJP leader is apprehended.

tensions are high as a senior BJP leader is apprehended.

Hundreds of Aam Adami Party (AAP) members protested outside the Municipal Corporation office on Saturday as word leaked about the invalidity of an AAP councillor's vote, clearing the way for BJP's Sarabjit Kaur to win the Mayoral elections. Supporters of the AAP sang anti-BJP slogans and accused the Chandigarh government of working with the BJP.

"The authorities in charge of overseeing the mayoral election pulled a fast one on us. They purposefully nullified an AAP councillor's vote. In this election, the BJP was exposed. In the local body elections, Chandigarh gave AAP a clear mandate, but it is a mockery of the system because the BJP won all three positions, including mayor, deputy mayor, and senior deputy mayor," Sudhir Kashyap, an AAP supporter from Kajheri, said.

"This is deceiving the people of Chandigarh," AAP Co-Incharge Pradeep Chabra stated. The BJP's transgressions will never be forgiven by the public. The AAP has a substantial majority. When the BJP was unable to buy our councillors, they threw the election process into disarray." Meanwhile, enraged AAP supporters attempted to storm the MC building and scale the front gate, but were stopped by standing police officers. Over 200 police officers, including four SHOs, were assigned to keep the peace both inside and outside the MC building. There were tense moments when a BJP representative, Pappu Shukla, who had run in the MC election but lost, confronted the AAP demonstrators and engaged in verbal sparring with them. Pappu Shukla was escorted by a group of supporters . Pappu Shukla, on the other hand also got into several heated disputes with the cops.


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