Covid protocols to be followed Apple company employees

Covid protocols to be followed by Apple company employees


According to a report, Apple staff will be required to produce confirmation of obtaining a COVID-19 booster…

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synagogue attack

Hostages out and safe; synagogue attack

The four hostages held at a Texas synagogue have been released unhurt by the man who kidnapped them, according to the state's governor, Greg Abbott,…

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iranian politicians' twitter account has been suspended

Iranian politicians' Twitter account suspended due to threatening video


Twitter stated it had permanently suspended accounts associated to Iran's Supreme Leader and aired a video…

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powerful undersea volcanic eruption was felt.

Around the planet, a powerful undersea volcanic eruption was felt.

Scientists reported Sunday that the big underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga was so powerful that it was recorded all over the world and…

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india - china

India-China trade reached a new high of $125 billion

According to official data released on Friday, bilateral trade between India and China reached a new high of over $125 billion in 2021, surpassing…

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ghost ship has been discovered floating on the coast of thailand

'Ghost ship' with Chinese letters labelled discovered off coast of Thailand


Oil rig workers off the coast of Thailand discovered an abandoned Chinese 'ghost ship' floating crewless…

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Covaxin in Canada

Covaxin hasn't been approved for emergency use in Canada yet

Vaccigen, a Canadian subsidiary of Bharat Biotech’s American partner, Ocugen, submitted Covaxin to the Canadian government on June 30, 2021.

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In 2021, hackers from North Korea stole million in bitcoin

According to new research from blockchain intelligence firm Chain lysis, North Korea launched at least seven attacks against cryptocurrency platforms…

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