Attempted terror strike

bomb was discovered, the incendiary device (IED) containing suspected RDX

'Attempted terror strike' in Delhi prior to Republic Day

Because nearly 4,000 people were inside the market when the bomb was discovered, the incendiary device (IED) containing suspected RDX and ammonium nitrate found at the gate of the Ghazipur flower market on Friday was placed there to "cause maximum damage and casualties," according to a senior police officer involved in the investigation.

According to the cops, an "attempted terror strike by a terrorist outfit from any neighboring nation" has been reported under the explosive substances Act, and they are investigating. They claimed that if the explosives had detonated, everything within a radius of 60 to 70 meters would have been destroyed.

A timed device was linked to the IED found near Gate 1 of the wholesale market. The bomb disposal crew of the National Security Guard (NSG) detonated it with a controlled explosion inside an eight-foot-deep crater dug on the market grounds.

A police officer concerned with the case said, “The controlled explosion left a two-feet hole which indicates that on the ground it could have damaged nearly half of the market’s buildings. A major tragedy has been averted otherwise hundreds of lives could have been lost.” 

The IED was manufactured in a metal box and kept in a black and grey laptop bag, according to police officials. When the bag was opened, wires and white powder were discovered inside, indicating that ammonium nitrate was one of the bomb's ingredients.

M A Ganapathy, the NSG's director-general, told HT that preliminary analysis of samples recovered from the bomb site indicates "RDX and ammonium nitrate were utilized."

When a real estate firm employee discovered the explosives package at the gate of the Ghazipur flower market, it caused panic among the traders and almost 4,000 people who were there in the market.

According to Mohammad Salim, who owns a wholesale flower business in the market, he discovered the bag alongside his scooter, which was parked just outside gate number 1 of the market.


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