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Prohibition cases has hampered functioning of HC

The Supreme Court slammed the govt. of Bihar

The court has harshly rebuked the Bihar government for petitioning the Supreme Court to deny bail to the prohibition suspects. The Patna High Court’s functioning has been hampered by prohibition cases, according to the court, which is why it takes a year to list a case. The Patna High Court’s 14–15 judges only consider cases involving prohibition, according to the court. NV Raman, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, has dismissed the state government’s 40 appeals all at once.

While dismissing the Bihar government’s appeals, a Supreme Court panel led by Chief Justice NV Ramana stated that “these cases have suffocated the courts.” Prohibition suits abound in Bihar’s courts.” While the case is pending, advocate Manish Kumar, who appeared before the court on behalf of the Bihar government, stated that the issue is that the High Court granted bail to the accused implicated in a significant violation of the law without assigning any cause. For these egregious offences, the law provides for jail terms ranging from ten years to life.

In response to the lawyer’s argument, Chief Justice NV Raman stated, “According to you, we should not grant them bail simply because you have written a law.” The court cited the Indian Penal Code’s section on murder, stating that in these situations, bail is permitted, and courts may also award anticipatory bail.


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